Tuesday, January 8, 2013

$50,000 worth of Pixilated Plumber

Is this not the most ridiculous thing to spend $50,000 dollars on? When I win the lottery I will need to buy this for no reason… because that can only be your reason.  At the end of the day it still just Super Mario  there is no naked princess peach at the end, right?  It is sealed so that means you will never get to play it which is totally why you buy video games to stare at the box. Oh you crazy pixilated plumber you speak to me.

PS. This bro has to be the greediest person in the world, he is asking $50,000.00 for Super Mario Bros. 1 not 3 (the greatest Mario of all time) and he has the nerve to charge you $4.00 for shipping. So your total bill for Mario is $50,004.00…. what an A-hole

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