Thursday, January 3, 2013

Increase Lottery Odds, Highs and Lows

Rule 1 on making a power ticket is all about not getting to high or too low if you will. Understanding that in a given draw the chances of all the numbers being high or all of them being low is very slim. 

The first step is to identify what are the high and low numbers by simply tanking the largest ball value and dividing by 2.
In the case of Mega Bucks the high ball is 49 so the split is 24.5 or round up to 25. That means all low numbers are between 1-25 and all high numbers are 25-49.
The trends that occurs most of the time is 3 upper and 3 Lower or 4 upper 2 lower and finally  4 Lower 2 upper in a game of 6 drawn numbers. If you are playing regularly the first step on making a power ticket is to play at least 3 sets of numbers containing those combinations.
Why waste money on all lower numbers when they just don’t occur that often? That’s why playing birthdates is a bad strategy your limiting yourself to mostly lower numbers with a upper cap of 31. The basic foundation of a power ticket to win the lottery is to know not to play to high or too low.

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