Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This Has to be The Worst Million Dollar Book Ever.

Yesss! That’s right for a meager million dollars you too can know  The True Story of Jessica  Ann Simpson’s 22 Month Long Attempt to Seduce a Married Man-Her Very Active Super Secret Sex Life. Or as I like to call it TTSJAS22MLASMMHVASSSL for shot.  According to the description this is one of a kind first printed proof copy of a nonfiction documentary of how Jessica tried to seduce a married Mormon. It was published last year on Amazon.com.

So this really isn’t as cool as like Tiger where she goes around bokeing every bus boy she sees not sure it’s worth the million. It’s a tale of trying to seduce Marce’ William Burchell  (who I presume is boring guy since he is Mormon). It is probably worth the 5 minutes to read the who description for why Burchell is the greats things since beer which he wouldn’t know anything about .  such a great line is: if all men were like him, our country would be a paradise to live in.  please if you have read this book before till let me know if it’s worth that much, there was 16 offers on it which I am just blown away by.

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