Thursday, January 10, 2013

Whats on tap for next week to win your lotto dreams

Sorry I couldn’t post more this week…wish blogging was my day job, but alas it is not. We did accomplish a lot:

  1. Refined of our lottery number generator
  2. Developed a new set of numbers for the Power ticket
  3. Went over the importance of sums and the bell curve
  4. Learned that the same sum occurring twice in a row is around .5%
  5. We saw that Mario in a box is super expensive.  
  6. Finally saw our first win ($2) of the year.

What to expect next week?

  1. We will have our recap of the winning numbers from Friday
  2. We will go over number slotting and why it will increase your odds of winning.
  3. We will find some other product to blow our  winning on.
  4. Probably still work on tweaking the calculator and posting it for sale
  5. Finally if we have time go over the darker side of some past lottery winners

See you next week!

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