Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Would you pay $1,000,000 to be the Human Slinky®?

I can’t believe I have never seen this before! That’s what I get for going to Celtics games where the half time show consists of 6 year old girls “playing” basketball,  and by “playing” I mean traveling and bricking shots.

I digress if you choose to invest your lottery fortune in the Human Slinky® custom you have signed yourself up for a lifetime of ridicule and regret.  Not only do you get this amazing pieces of fashion that I assume is made out of MC Hammers olds pants it is also autographed by the great performer  Veniamin???

You can spend the next five years performing the slinky act (under a different agreement) on stage around the world trying and failing to make your lottery investment back, or just wear it for Halloween… it really says that, what asshole spend a Million dollars on a Halloween costume? 

Potential buyers comments:
“Im 13 and want this soo bad!”-Funnymonkeysales
“Im 100% sure this didn’t cost this much to make, my offer is low yes…”-nicole.blanche

Are you sure Nicole?  With those kind of comments I can’t believe it has sold yet, but hey if you’re a lucky lotto winner try to give being the Human Slinky® a try.

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