Monday, January 7, 2013

Increase Lottery Odds by Not being too Even

What are the odds of getting all evens? Only about 2% or 8 out of 400 draws. That is where Power Ticket Rule # 2  comes in splitting your even and odd numbers. You should make sure you play numbers with 2 Even 3 even and 4 even numbers in it. this combination covers 80.75% of the winning numbers.  See full breakdown below.

Number of Timesout of%

If you can only play one number you should play 3 even number as this happens 33% of the time.

Remember avoid quick picks because they don’t care about splitting even and odd numbers up, you could end up with all odd numbers leaving you with a .75% chance might as well throw your money away . If you combine Power Ticket Rule 1 and Power Ticket Rule 2 when making your selections you are greatly increasing your odds of winning the lottery.

The balls don’t lie!

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